Footprint Consulting- business solutions built to last

Footprint Consulting is a Sydney-based management consultancy firm specialising in organisational improvements through participative collaboration, comprehensive business diagnostics, and solutions that are built to stand the test of time.

 Our approach to management consultancy is based on three core tenets:

  • People are your most valuable resource, so we focus on engaging employees in the creation of improvements to capitalise on existing expertise and promote ownership
  • Our services have all been specially designed to create an environment in which individuals feel valued and trusted. This safe and comfortable setting encourages and enhances openness, creativity and engagement
  • We believe that business improvements should be built to last, and we aim to institute lasting changes at every organisation

Specialties: Business Diagnostics, Vision setting, Strategic Planning, Strategy Execution, Strategic Innovation, Business improvement, Business Process Improvement, Problem Solving, team building

What’s New!

Footprint’s Diagnostic App

Footprint Consulting recognises that time is a valuable resource for any executive. Our preliminary business diagnostic App is a cost effective and time efficient assessment tool for executives. By identifying your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses, you will be able to prioritise effectively, ensuring that your efforts are directed towards the right issues.

This diagnostic has been designed for use by CEOs, CFOs, GMs, MDs, and other senior executives. The diagnostic may be undertaken by an individual, or by an entire team and/or division. For teams we provide a specially designed process in which the entire data set is collated.

Following on from the preliminary business diagnostic, Footprint Consulting offers a full suite of more advanced consulting services that can be customised to meet the specific needs of an organisation. For more information please see our full list of consulting services.

Click play to view Footprint’s Diagnostic App demo: