Risk Management

The Challenge

The risks facing businesses are significant and varied.  It is impossible to conduct business without risk, and in many situations risk is necessary for growth.

However, it is within your control to determine what constitutes an acceptable level of risk for your organisation. Through appropriate risk management you can identify, assess and mitigate these risks, thereby ensuring that you adhere to your predetermined level of risk.


How can Footprint Consulting help?

Our Risk Management Tool provides a comprehensive framework for categorising, prioritising, mitigating and monitoring potential risks. The system serves to reduce both the likelihood of a risk occurring and the severity of potential impact.

The Risk Management Tool has been designed to prioritise usability and comprehensiveness. The interface is highly intuitive and features an inbuilt prioritisation function, specified KPIs, accountabilities, objectives and action plans.



  • Centralised overview of all potential risks
  • Prioritise risks with efficient resource allocation
  • Identify and analyse root causes
  • Minimise potential impact of risks
  • Reduce likelihood to occur