Innovation drives business success. However many companies struggle to generate innovative ideas or pursue the ideas that will deliver superior value to the customer. This often leads to lack of growth and lack of return on investment on innovation initiatives.

No matter where your business is on its journey, there is always room for improvement through innovation.


How can Footprint Consulting help?

Footprint Consulting can help your organisation build a robust and transparent innovation system. Teams are equipped with the necessary tools to make decision and pursue the right types of innovation. We believe that the most successful companies innovate based on a strong customer focus. Our proven structured methodology can help you collate insights from your various customer segments, and identify new needs, unarticulated needs or unique ways to meet existing needs.

The methodologies used in our workshops are specially designed to harness creativity and direct it in the right direction. With our participative tool, we will help cross-functional teams develop a project plan and identify clear accountability & KPIs to measure progress.


Key Benefits

  • Simplify decision making
  • Structured way to cross-functional management
  • Enhance creativity
  • Invest time and CAPEX on the right initiatives
  • Robust plans and KPIs