Business Improvement

The Challenge

In order to survive, businesses need to be engaged in a continuous cycle of improvements. It is easy to use tactical tools and established techniques to create improvements that are localised to a specific team or function, but this is never sufficient. Silo-mentality will inevitably breed ongoing operational inefficiencies and recurrent problems, meaning that you are not getting the most out of what you are putting in.


How can Footprint Consulting help?

Footprint Consulting is experienced in helping companies to develop an entrenched and enabling culture of continuous improvement. Our Business Improvement Service begins with a comprehensive business diagnostic that has been methodically designed to help organisations identify critical areas for improvement and prioritise resource allocation efficiently. We also ensure that business improvements are accompanied by robust governance frameworks, meaning that all progress and breakthroughs are aligned with strategic objectives.

The overarching aim of our Business Improvement Service is to deliver a culture of continuous improvement, creating positive changes that are self-sustaining: the benefits of our work are felt long after we have gone.



  • Identify your improvement priorities
  • Eliminate waste and reduce costs
  • Avoid repeat problems
  • Improve quality