There are many reasons why problem-solving approaches may not be fully and consistently implemented across organisations.

  • Our hectic day-to-day schedules provide the temptation to implement the first solution that comes to mind without dedicating the time to limit the impact of problems and address the root causes
  • Problems can be complex and may require a structured team approach and regular follow ups on action plan implementation
  • Problems that span across functions can be left unresolved

Our Problem Solving WebApp SOLVO can help you transform your business problems into exciting new opportunities.

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How can SOLVO help you?


  1. Anchors the problem-solving approach into the culture by providing an online step-by-step approach to problem solving that stimulates the right thinking and facilitates collaboration. The tool helps people to stay focused on the resolution of problems and quickly capture the summary of discussions
  2. Helps keep track of progress in the resolution of problems. The managers can follow the status of problems and each user will have a reminder, on their dashboard, of the actions that they need to implement, with the due date
  3. Assists managers in managing the workload of their team by diligently prioritising problems and optimising workload allocation
  4. Facilitates cross-functional collaboration
  5. Creates a database that offers the opportunity to identify major trends in issues and develop strategic initiatives to improve the performance of a company
  6. After a few years, it becomes a wealth of knowledge for new employees, and a good reminder for the others.