Strategic Planning

The Challenge

Developing a great business strategy can be complicated.  A strategy must be well defined, and management should have a clear, realistic vision of how it will be realised. Many companies struggle to distil their strategic aims into a cohesive vision made up of achievable objectives that will deliver sustainable value to the business


How can Footprint Consulting help?

Footprint Consulting specialises in Strategic Planning Workshops that are defined by their collaborative and results-oriented approach. The methodologies used in our workshops are specially designed to harness creativity and direct it in the right direction. We are experts in strategic planning, and use our knowledge base and experience to support your people in the development of your strategic plan.

By ensuring that all members of the management have had some input into the process, we aim to see that everyone is fully engaged and committed to realising the strategic aims.

There is something incredibly inspiring about seeing an entire team come together and direct a special energy towards building a future for their company. Even though I have facilitated over 500 business improvement workshops over 10 years, I still get butterflies in my stomach at the start of each session, because I know that I am witnessing the beginning of something great 

Catherine Jacob, General Manager Footprint Consulting



  • Create strategic alignment
  • Colloborate environment
  • Engage your team
  • True accountability
  • Regular reviews