Stimulating Team Collaboration

The Challenge

Insufficient or inefficient team collaboration is a common barrier to business success. Where teamwork, which also includes cross-functional collaboration, is operating at anything less than optimum efficiency, it is inevitable that business outcomes will be negatively impacted. Communication issues between individuals, as well as organisational barriers, can lead to serious problems, including silo-mentality.


How can Footprint Consulting help?

Our Stimulating Team Collaboration Service identifies barriers to effective teamwork, and works closely with your people to address any cultural or structural issues. We consider issues evident in both inter and intra team collaboration

The process we follow has been specifically designed and methodically improved over time. It allows for complex business issues to be solved through the sharing of knowledge, skillsets and perspectives. By facilitating openness and creativity this service creates a fertile ground for innovation and business improvements.



Our approach enables our clients to:

  • Increase employee engagement
  • Solve complex issues
  • Instil lasting improvements
  • Create fertile spaces for creativity
  • Defeat silo mentality