Are you aware of your blind spots?

appleI developed a Business Diagnostic App to help CEOs and executives self-identify their blind spots, and adjust their priorities and action plans accordingly. It has been designed to be completed by an individual or an entire team. The way it works, which is deceptively simple, is by guiding the user to rate their agreement with a series of comprehensive statements that cover eight crucial business areas (vision and strategy, strategy deployment, sales and marketing, innovation, leadership, organisational effectiveness, risk management, and people and culture).

My experience as a management consultant with business startup and general management experience has taught me that no CEO or executive can excel in every business area, and I wholeheartedly include myself in that observation! The fact is that we inevitably gravitate our time and attention towards areas that we have the most experience in and the areas that the organisation is excelling in. As a result, blind spots develop and this can spell disaster.

The app format is a time and cost effective way to access professional consulting services, making it a great solution for executives who want to give their business a quick check up.

Please see the video below to learn more about the benefits of our Business Diagnostic App:


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