Closing the Execution Gap

Strategy Execution

Jeroen de Flander’s most recent book The Execution Shortcut tells us “most strategies lose between 40 and 60 percent of their financial potential along the execution highway”. At Footprint Consulting, we have seen evidence of this happening time and time again.

We understand that effective implementation is every bit as important as the strategy itself. A strategy can only ever be as good as its execution allows.

Does your organisation have a gap between strategy and execution? Answer these five questions to help you find out!

1. Is your strategy deployed in complete alignment from the executive team to the shop floor?

2. Are your resources and capabilities sufficient to allow you to successfully roll out your strategy?

3. Is every business activity aligned with the overall strategy?

4. Did every employee have the opportunity to contribute to the strategy implementation within his or her 
sphere of responsibility and competency?

5. Do you have performance indicators that accurately measure your progress and are 
transformations visible on the shop floor?
Next week, we will focus on Sales & Marketing.

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