Webinar: Are you getting the most out of what you put in?


Webinar Business Diagnostic- Are you getting the most out of what you put in?

Gaining a realistic and comprehensive picture about any organisation is an extremely challenging task. There will always be blind spots and every executive will naturally allocate more of their time and attention to the business areas with which they are the most familiar. As a result, some areas of their business may be experiencing significant issues, but they are unable to adequately comprehend the full impact that it is having on their business performance.

Furthermore, businesses are extraordinarily complex entities, and it is unrealistic to assume that any one person, not matter how involved they are, to understand every mutually influential relationship that exists between different business areas.

In this webinar, Catherine Jacob, Founder, Footprint Consulting will assess three areas of your business with a focus on:

– Strategy execution
– Organisational effectiveness
– Innovation

Presenter: Catherine Jacob, Founder, Footprint Consulting
Date: Tuesday 28 July 2015
Time: 12pm – 1pm
Location: This is an online event and will be available via desktop.
Cost Members: FREE
Local Chamber member: $15.00 inc GST
Non-member: $30.00 inc GST

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